Keyboard Lesson Plan

Course Duration Details: The course duration is totally decided by you. With dedicated practice, it takes about 6 months to get the basics.

No. of lessons in a week: 1 or 2 based on your requirement.
Duration of each lesson: 45 minutes.
Student - Teacher Ratio: 1:1
Timing: Flexible timing between 4pm to 8pm (Early morning batches will be made available on request)

What will you learn?

Theory and Sight Reading: Learning the music theory and sight reading will help you to compose, write, read and play music.

Co-ordination of Hands and Fingers: To play the keyboard you need to be in total control of your hand and finger movements. To develop this you will learn and sometimes come up with your own finger exercises to improve finger dexterity and co-ordination.

Ear Training: Hearing the music that is in your mp3 player or the music in your head and playing it is very liberating. To aid this we have exercises that can help you learn music intervals and identify chord voicing.

Improvisation: Sometimes you may want to tweak that old song and give it a new unique sound. We will also help you improvise with chord extensions, melody and harmony.

Orchestration / Composition: In these sessions, you will learn to arrange music for music instruments like Violin, Bass, Drums etc., and learn to integrate these music instruments and compose music.

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Services Overview

The Exodus Music School currently offers training and opportunity for Guitar and Keyboard students to advance their skills and understanding of their craft in a creative way through individual or group lessons.

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Exodus Music School is at Adarsh Nagar Shettihalli, very close to Lake View Defence Colony.

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